False Summit

This isn’t really a false summit. It’s just when your close to the top, you hope it actually IS the top. (no it was not).

Taken in Smoky Mt. NP on the Smokemont Loop Trail last summer. It is so lush here that no breeze gets through to cool you. I was totally soaked with sweat from the high humidity by the time I finished this six mile loop.

Three exposures with my G11, stitched together with PSE 8.

Miami Beach

I took this picture from our balcony on the Carnival Glory as we were leaving Miami. The pilot boat was following us out to pick up the harbormaster.

James Dean

Drawn in Sketchbook Pro on my iPad.

St. Thomas, USVI

Shot from the balcony of our cruise ship.  I want to move here, except the snowboarding sucks.  Stitched in Elements.

Spring in the Park

I spent a couple of hours in front of the easel yesterday.  Fun and easy. 8×6 acrylic on canvas-covered board.

All Saints Day

We are feeling a little sad today.  Not one Trick-or-Treater came to our door last night.  Perhaps the Saints will be kinder to us than the goblins.

Plymouth Creek Trail

Taken on the Plymouth Creek Trail in late October 2010 in Deer Creek Canyon Park.

A photo from my walk in the park yesterday.  It’s nice for these evergreens to produce berries this late in the year for the little critters.




Kenosha Pass Turnaround

The South Park and Pacific Railroad wye at the top of Kenosha Pass. ‘Helper’ engines from either Webster on the east or Como on the west side of Kenosha Pass assisted the regular engine in getting the train to the top and then used the Y to turn around and head back down the hill.

I took to photo earlier this year and reworked it in Painter 11.

Echo Lake

The drive to Mt. Evans passes this beautiful lake.  The road to the top was closed here at the lake.  This is an exposure composite put together by Photoshop.  Three shots a with 1 EV difference.


Echo Lake